Short QT Syndrome Patients

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Definition and prevalence of a Short QT Interval

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Short QT Interval and Short QT Syndrome Schulze-Bahr E, Breithardt G.. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2005;16:397-398 The authors present data from several papers showing... Read Article

Short QT interval in situations other than SQTS

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Deceleration-Dependent Shortening of the QT Interval: A New Electrocardiographic Phenomenon? Gussak I, Liebl N, Nouri S, Bjerregaard P, Zimmerman F, Chaitman... Read Article

Clinical cases of Short QT Syndrome

Read Time: 14 minute
Idiopathic Short QT Interval: A New Clinical Syndrome Gussak I, Brugada P, Brugada J, Wright RS, Kopecky SL, Chaitman BR,... Read Article

Clinical Genetics of Inherited Arrhythmogenic Disease in the Pediatric Population

Read Time: 28 minute
KCNH2 N588K-KCNH2 Sudden Death Associated With Short-QT Syndrome Linked to Mutations in HERG. Brugada R, Hong K, Dumaine R, Cordeiro... Read Article

Experimental models of Short QT Syndrome

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Transgenic upregulation of IK1 in the mouse heart leads to multiple abnormalities of cardiac excitability. Li J, McLerie M, Lopatin AN. Am... Read Article

Treatment of Short QT Syndrome with ICD

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Congenital Short QT Syndrome and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Treatment: Inherent Risk for Inappropriate Shock Delivery Schrimpf R, Wolpert C, Bianchi F,... Read Article

Pharmacological treatment of patients with Short QT Syndrome

Read Time: 15 minute
Short QT Syndrome: Pharmacological Treatment. Gaita F, Giustetto C, Bianchi F, Schrimpf R, Haissaguerre M, Calo L, Brugada R, Antzelevitch... Read Article

Short QT Syndrome – Review articles

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Short QT Interval: ECG Phenomenon and Clinical Syndrome Gussak I, Antzelevitch C, Goodman D, Bjerregaard P.. In: Gussak I, Antzelevitch C, Hammill... Read Article


Read Time: 18 minute
Rapid Ventricular Repolarization in Rodents: Electrocardiographic Manifestations, Molecular Mechanisms, and Clinical Insights. Gussak I, Chaitman BR, Kopecky SL, Nerbonne JM. J Electrocardiol... Read Article

Additional Short QT Syndrome articles since 2018

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Short QT Syndrome: A Comprehensive Genetic Interpretation and Clinical Translation of Rare Variants. Oscar Campuzano, Anna Fernandez-Falgueras, Ximena Lemus, Georgia Sanquella-Brugada,... Read Article

Publications about Short QT Syndrome

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Publications about Short QT Syndrome authored or co-authored by: Preben Bjerregaard, MD, DMSc Gussak I, Brugada P, Brugada J, Wright... Read Article